GoSparrow Web Site
( by Dariusz Stachowski )

St. Augustines with English Martyrs

The following link shows my proposal, format and style for the joint web site of St. Augustines with English Martyrs. It is based on the assumption that it will be allowed to write the web site in PHP, HTML, CSS.

[ staugustineswithenglishmartyrs.php ]

Content. I believe it would be best for each menu page to have the same outside container and differ in just the content text ( the white block ). This can be done by writing the source files in PHP with the source for the outer container being common to all the menu pages.

Format, Style, Colours. A CSS file is needed, to define the colours, fonts, text sizes and section parameters. This is now ready. I have given some thought to the style and format and have come up with something that I quite like. If this is to your liking also then perhaps we could use this as a basis when we go forward?

Images. I suggest also that a pool of images for the side column be held, with the PHP program rotating the images every minute to vary the display for the users. That could easily be done. We could have a mixture of pictures from St.Aug and EM together with other spiritual images.

Newsletters. PDF documents for newsletters can be uploaded by Fr. Gerry as they are ready. And if we adopt some system for naming the documents the PHP program will be able automatically to display them into the right order, with the latest at the top of the Newsletters page.

Smartphone Formatting. PHP can format web pages to display better on a smartphone narrow screen. The PHP on this web site already does it. Try it. You will see a difference.

Flash, Java, JavaScript. It would be best to keep things simple and avoid any dynamic media, awkward Flash or Java content. Keep JavaScript to the minimum.

Direct Control. Writing our own PHP / CSS / HTML will give us direct control over the web site. We will be able to add menu pages easily, change colours and formatting ( if ever we get tired of the style ). We will not have to rely on outside developers to provide website themes or templates for us.